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The battle for clean and clear skin never ends and even as we get older we still have to use a skincare regime every day. Blemishes, age spots and wrinkles are all common occurrences but acne is also an ever present danger.

We all want clear skin. It makes us look great and feel even better. When we have marks or blotches it really brings our confidence down and makes us want to hide in the sand. In the world of smart cameras and instagram there is no hiding so we have to take steps to create the skin we long for.

It all comes down to the products we use. A couple of key ingredients should always be involved in our daily routine. A powerful moisturiser is key of course, along with a toner. Now it’s time to add the Bye Bye Blemishes lotion to the regime and keep acne away!

Bye Bye Blemishes Lotion

Bye Bye Blemish LotionBye Bye Blemishes lotion has been created to deal with acne specifically. For a lot of people using an oil free face wash isn’t enough and acne just keeps coming back. Bye Bye Blemishes works fast and targets the pimples, reducing them fast.

Acne is a disease that affects the glands in your skin. Pores are linked to glands that produce oil through what’s called a follicle. From time to time follicles can become clogged with bacteria and dead skin. This causes the outbreak of pimples.

While acne isn’t a major medical risk, it has a massive impact on our self image. Despite the fact that acne is the most common skin disease in the world we still feel self conscious about it. It’s often very noticeable and we just can’t feel confident while it’s on show. This is where Bye Bye Blemishes comes in.

Bye Bye Blemishes lotion works by targeting the pimples and quickly reducing them. It is simple to use and a few drops applied directly to the skin have a dramatic effect. First the lotion will reduce the redness of the pimples before reducing the swelling, making them less noticeable. When used in a daily skincare routine the Bye Bye Blemishes lotion can help stop any outbreaks occurring in the first place.

Bye Bye Blemishes is so effective because of it’s unique blend of ingredients. The formula contains sulfur, zinc oxide, salicylic acid and iron oxides among other things. These work together to provide fast relief and you could see an instant improvement even after a single use. The Bye Bye Blemishes is powerful but sensitive and can be used on any skin types.

Bye Bye Blemishes lotion works best when used overnight just before bed but for best results work it into your daily skin routine.

So get ready to beat your acne, it’s time to say bye bye to blemishes